Michael Reichel

The study of mathematics in Ilmenau is a combination of the subjects mathematics and computer science with economics and engineering. For this purpose, we offer a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a Master' s degree in Mathematics and Business Mathematics.


Our master student Carolin Kästner talks about her mathematics studies at the TU Ilmenau and gives an interesting insight into the study conditions and the various joint activities of the students also besides the courses. ...read more

The Institute of Mathematics  is located at Weimarer Straße 25, in the Curiebau, the so-called "Alte Technikum", a part of the Georg-Schmidt-Technikum. Since 2018, the structure of the Institute of Mathematics is given by the individual fields of the professors.

TU Ilmenau

Old Technical Center (Curie Building) around 1900...to the history of the institute

Mandy Neuendorf

Research at the Institute of Mathematics covers a broad variety of topics: Analytical problems such as systems theory, control and feedback control, or foundations of quantum mechanics, discrete mathematics, optimization, stochastics and statistics.


The first topic of the series Researchers in Conversation - Ilmenau Corona Research - presents the mathematician Professor Thomas Hotz and his current research. From the BBC to the renowned New York Times - the corona research conducted by a team around the Ilmenau mathematician ...read more