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Ilmenau University of Technology LG Physics for Engineers Postfach 10 05 65 98684 Ilmenau

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Room F1038 Faradaybau Weimarer Str. 32 98693 Ilmenau

The teaching group "Physics for Engineers" offers courses in basic physics for all engineering courses offered at the TU Ilmenau. The teaching offer includes the module physics, which is divided into the subjects physics 1 and physics 2 as well as the basic physics practical course. In the context of improving the quality of teaching and the didactic support of students, work is being done on the development and use ofe-learningmethods and materials (moodle). In addition, regular workshops are held to train exercise instructors.

Physics 1 & 2

Here you can find all information about lectures and exercises in the subjects Physics 1 and Physics 2.

Norbert Stein
Basic Physics Lab Course

Here you can find all information about the basic physics practical course: enrolment, overview of experiments, protocols and more.

Development of teaching materials

Within the scope of teaching activities, applets are developed which are used in face-to-face teaching and in digital teaching in the subjects Physics 1 and 2

Project participation

The physics teaching group is involved in the projects Basic Engineering School, Basic Plus and in the AG Verlängerte Studieneingangsphase.