Information on the subjects Physics 1 and Physics 2

The lecture gives an introduction to the physical fundamentals of engineering in the sub-areas of mechanics of point masses, rigid and deformable bodies. In the Physics 2 module, the subfields of thermodynamics, oscillations and waves and the basic concepts of quantum mechanics are taught as the basis of engineering education.

Documents and information:

Further information on lecture content, bonus system and exams can be found on this page. The documents for the lecture are provided via the learning platform MOODLE(, the enrolment key is provided in the lecture.

The subject description can be found in the module board of the respective course(Physics I and Physics II).

Lecturers: Prof. Siegfried Stapf, Dr.-Ing. Katja Tonisch

Scope: Physics 1: 2 SWS lecture, 2 SWS tutorial (4 credit points)

Physics 2: 2 SWS lecture, 2 SWS tutorial (4 credit points)

Practical course in physics (2 credit points)

Frequency: Physics 1 is only read in the winter semester, Physics 2 only in the summer semester.

read, (the examination is possible for both subjects in every semester)