The association supports the field of plastics technology in various ways. This includes the following tasks:


Establishing, expanding and securing the sustainability of teaching, training and further education, as well as research and development in the fields of plastics technology at the TU Ilmenau within the framework of the activities of the Department of Plastics Engineering

Endowed Professorship

Support of the professorship and the FG Kunststofftechnik at the TU Ilmenau to pursue the above mentioned objectives with the necessary equipment and personnel resources


Networking of competences, resources and potentials for industrial and scientific joint research in the fields of research and application- and product-oriented development in the profile lines of the FG Kunststofftechnik


Strengthening of the basis for the acquisition of third-party funds and the ability of the FG Kunststofftechnik to handle regional, supra-regional and international projects


Transfer of knowledge, know-how and technology between universities, colleges, research institutions and commercial enterprises through the implementation of research and development projects

The association thus offers students, doctoral candidates and scientific staff of the FG Kunststofftechnik the opportunity to complement their scientific education and training by participating in research projects of the association. At the same time, the practical relevance of teaching is increased and the personnel transfer between university and companies that want to employ qualified graduates or student employees for internships or are interested in carrying out student work is strengthened.



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