Ronald du Puits


Since 01 June 2018 you can find us at the following visitor address:

TU Ilmenau

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Aerodynamics

Weimarer Street 28

98693 Ilmenau

Welcome to the FG Aerodynamics

The Department of Aerodynamics is headed by Prof. Claus Wagner and is responsible for the education of mechanical engineering and mechatronics students in the basic subject aerodynamics and for the specialization subjects. The research of the department focuses on thermal convection, interior air conditioning and vehicle aerodynamics.

The Department of Aerodynamics operates the large-scale research facility Ilmenauer Fass.

Alice Lösch
Sabine Scherge

Large-scale research unit Ilmenau barrel

Head: Priv.-Doz. Dr.-Ing. habil. Ronald du Puits

The Ilmenau Barrel is a large-scale scientific facility in which thermal convection flows can be studied with unprecedented detail. In the facility, flows can be simulated under well-controlled conditions, as they occur, for example, in the earth's atmosphere and the oceans, or in the air conditioning of buildings and passenger cabins. Using state-of-the-art laser-based flow measurement technology and ultra-small temperature sensors, even the smallest structures can be precisely measured and characterized. As an institute facility, the Ilmenau barrel is available to the three above-mentioned disciplines for research and teaching. In addition, it is also used by non-university research groups from Germany and abroad for scientific work, for example in the fields of measurement technology development or cloud formation.