Scanning electron microscope with element analysis


Analysis of physical and chemical properties in the nano range


-Resolution of 3 nm at 30 kV
-Large sample chamber (350 x 340 x 230) mm³
-Gold/ carbon sputter system
-30 mm² active detector area
-Integrated elemental analysis from boron to americium
-Fully motorized sample stage and a permissible sample weight of 5 kg
-Samples with a diameter of up to 208 mm can be approached at any surface point
-Low pressure operation with BSD enables high resolution even with outgassing samples

Rasterelektronenmikroskop mit ElementanalyseTU Ilmenau

High-speed and digital microscope

Keyence VW 9000

-Analysis of highly dynamic processes in the micrometer range
-3D measurement of surfaces


-4000 fps at 640 x 480 pixels
-Max. 230000 fps
-Microscope image up to 1920 x 1440 pixels
-Magnification up to 200 x
-Macro zoom lens for long range
-Laser scanning microscope

High-Speed- und Digital- MikroskopKeyence
Source: Keyence

Laser scanning colour microscope

Keyence VK-X 3D

Microscope for the production of very high resolution microscope images, with the possibility to scan the surface of the measuring object by means of a built-in laser in order to obtain additional height information for each image point.

-Surface analysis of tribologically stressed surfaces
-Roughness/ waveliness determination
-3D analysis of seals or friction linings
-Particle size determination


-Red semiconductor laser with 658 nm wavelength
-More than 3 million measuring points of each plane

Laser light receiving element:
-Scanning speed up to 120 Hz
-Max. 560 images; motorized stage - 100 x 100 mm²
-Very comprehensive evaluation and analysis software
-Large number of different lenses (e.g. long distance and ultra long distance with working distance 11 mm)
-XY image composition module with software and stage for acquisition16 Bit PMT, colour CCD image sensor, acquisition resolution 3072 x 2304
-Confocal optics with pinhole aperture, 5 nm height resolution, 8x optical zoom (laser mode)

Laser scanning colour microscope


Ray Scan 200

-Component analysis in the µm range 2D and 3D.
-Material and microstructure analysis
-Defect analysis
-Metrological tasks


-X-ray source: microfocus 10 - 250 kV
-Focal spot: 3 - 250 µm
-Object dimensions Ø/ H: 1 - 600 mm/ 1 - 1500 mm
-Max. Object weight: 80 kg
-Active area detector: 410 x 410 mm²
-Detector pixels: 1024 x 1024
-Digitization: 16 bit
-Measurement time incl. reconstruction: 2 - 30 min.
-Detail recognition: 1 μm
-Contrast: < 1 %
-Operating modes: 3D-CT and radioscopy

ComputertomographTU Ilmenau