The research and development activities of the Product and Systems Engineering Group focus on:

  • holistic system development process from requirements analysis to verification/validation,

  • related target-oriented development methods (e.g. DfX, Robust Design, V&V) and

  • purposeful modelling of the technical system (e.g. principle solutions, SysML) and tools (e.g. CAx)

In doing so, special emphasis is placed on:

  • close cooperation with industry,

  • creativity in the use of physical, chemical, biological effects for the realisation of technical purposes,

  • graphical user- and task-oriented presentation of the results as sketches, architectures, principle solutions, technical drawings as well as computer models (including the use of audio-visual VR technologies)

  • as accurate as possible predetermination and optimisation of the properties of a product

  • work in interdisciplinary teams (electrical engineering, electronics, computer science, natural science, ergonomics, manufacturing, industrial design, business administration, ...)

TU Ilmenau / Michael Reichel (ari)


The aim of teaching at the department of "Product and Systems Engineering" is to build up technical and methodogical competencies in students from different courses of study:

  • solid basic training in product development

  • continuity of training throughout the entire course of study

  • interdisciplinary, practice-oriented and project-based application of teaching content

  • methodical and systematic work

  • teamwork and individual supervision