Research focus


Systems Engineering, Development Methology, Virtual Product Development

  • description, analysis and optimisation of need-based development processes and procedural models for the holistic and stakeholder-focused development of complex products (from need and requirement definition to verification and validation)
  • development and application of goal-oriented development methods as well as purposeful modelling of technical products (from sketches, over semi-formal models such as principle solutions or system models using SysML (MBSE) up to CAx and simulation models)
  • development of approaches for continuous virtual product development, tracking of decisions as well as consistency of information in product development
  • use of audio-visual Virtual Reality technologies for immersive, interactive and multi-modal analysis of product properties (

Robust design, fault-tolerant design and adjustment of precision engineering products

  • systematic analysis, evaluation and elimination of errors on technical products, conception of robust solutions, tolerance representation and analysis

Design for X, development/design guidelines

  • systematic conception and design of products for different objectives and required properties (e.g. function, reliability, accuracy, safety, manufacturing and assembly effort, etc.)
  • application of innovative technologies and materials in product development as well as finding new fields of application for existing technologies

Cost estimation in product development

  • cost forecasting/estimation and cost reduction in the development process

Information systems/repositories for product development

  • design and development of solutions for digital information systems, such as digital libraries, digital museums or digital archives (