Research in the Optical Engineering Group of Technische Universität Ilmenau expands all around optical systems. The holistic approach to design and simulation which takes into account the demands of illumination, detection and image processing as well as the specific optical systems design is of central importance for optical systems with increasing complexity. We also address aspects of (micro-) optical systems integration and fabrication technologies, e.g for freeform optical elements. Our projects range from fundamental research and applied collaborative research projects all the way to direct cooperations with industrial partners.

TU Ilmenau / Michael Reichel (ari)


In the student education we systematically introduce the students to the synthesis of optical imaging systems. In the basic modules "Lichttechnik und Technsche Optik 1 / 2", students learn the fundamental physical laws and models for the description of ray, wave and electromagnetic radiation propagation and optical systems. Building on this, in the modules "Bewertung und Synthese" and "Wellenoptische Modellierung" of optical systems, the understanding is deepened and the basic methods of optical design are trained. In special lectures such as "Mikrooptik", "Fourier Optik" or "Lasertechnik", students become acquainted with innovative components and methods, which overspan the gap to the research projects of the department.