What's next?

"The TU Ilmenau stands for teaching and research at the highest level in the fields of technology, mathematics and natural sciences, business and media. It places particular emphasis on innovative teaching and interdisciplinarity . It identifies with Humboldtian ideals and pursues the vision of a cosmopolitan campus family."

(TU Ilmenau mission statement, preamble).

In accordance with the teaching strategy of the TU Ilmenau, the holistically conceived measures within the framework of the BASIC project significantly supported the further development of the teaching culture and teaching design at the TU Ilmenau. The design of the BASIC teaching concept practiced over the past 10 years has led to innovative teaching and support offerings that can be used in particular by engineering students in the introductory phase of their studies.

Structures, contents and formats of the learning offers for the students as well as support offers for the employees/teachers are continuously adapted to current social requirements at the TU Ilmenau. Results, experiences and concepts from the BASIC project and other model programs are incorporated.

What has changed with the support of Project BASIC?

  • Teaching groups for basic education have started their work.
  • Revised teaching materials, teaching forms and supplementary offers are available for regular teaching.
  • All engineering students at the TU Ilmenau have the opportunity to work on interdisciplinary practical projects from the beginning of their studies and to use supplementary offers for practical engineering training and the development of interdisciplinary key qualifications (e.g. practicING, UNIKAT, Studium generale).
  • New offerings for student advising and support are available (e.g., advising coupled with online checks and feedback, service learning). These are adaptable and expandable and can be integrated into future measures for advising and supporting prospective students and students.
  • New topics and formats were added to the catalog of offerings for continuing education and collegial exchange. Proven offerings will be continued under the coordination of ZIB. Didactic-technical support formats support teachers in digital and hybrid forms of teaching (coordinated cooperation between ZIB and the University Computer Center).

Promote and challenge

Addressing individual student needs during the freshman year.

Overview of proven measures:

  • Orientation: interdisciplinary seminar groups, hands-on projects, service learning.
  • Advising
  • Supplementary offerings: subject-specific and interdisciplinary supplementary offerings (e.g. modular seminar offerings Fit for Performance, subject-specific tutorials, practicING)
  • Support for the formation of learning groups (e.g. teaching design, practical projects, service learning, clubs...)

Factors that significantly support sustainability and transfer of project results

  • Further expansion of the targeted use of digital technologies.
  • In the design of innovative courses and special study models, the continuous use of the experience of project staff is also possible after the end of the project.
  • Involvement of motivated and committed students in the further development of learning opportunities and the implementation of learning opportunities for subsequent years (service learning, practicING).
  • Prototype ZIB-WISSEN as an updatable component of the intranet of the TU Ilmenau with documents for the structured presentation of the project experiences.