INFO 8 - Instruction for university staff members borrowing media

1. General

The Ilmenau University Library offers the largest part of its holdings for lending. There are separate regulations for academic staff who can borrow up to 100 media with a lending period of eight weeks; extensions are possible. Literature not available in our library can be ordered by interlibrary loan from other libraries (see INFO 9).

2. Registration and library card

Media can only be borrowed when submitting a valid library card, which is either the thoska+ card or a library card issued by the library.

You need your ID card and, additionally, your employee card (thoska+) for registration in the central library. International library users have to submit the passport and the certificate about the current place of residence in Germany for registration.

Borrowing media can start with the following day as the user details have to be entered into the database first.

3. Authorized groups of persons

  • Authorized due to their administrative employment status are: Professors, university lecturers, private lecturers, senior assistants and senior engineers, scientific staff, academic assistants, teaching staff for special duties. This does not apply to honorary professors and visiting professors.
  • On request are admitted: Heads of central institutions and institutes, heads of divisions of the central administration, academic staff members of the central administration and the central institutions (insofar as they are not equipped sufficiently with a handset library).
  • On request can be admitted temporarily: Academic staff of associated institutes of TU Ilmenau (provided the request is accompanied by a letter of recommendation of the head of the institute), other employees of TU Ilmenau (provided the request is accompanied by a letter of recommendation of the group chair), PhD students (provided the request is accompanied by a letter of recommendation of the responsible professor).

4. Library user number and password

During registration you receive a library user number and a password which together provide your access to your user details. The password consists of the initial letter of your last name (in capital letter) and your date of birth in six digits.

Example: Lorenz Meier, born on 22 March 1999, would have the password "M220399”. If required, you can change your password (see point 5.5 Password).

5. Access to the user details and the user account

You have access to your personal data via the Internet. Please choose  user account or Catalogue --> User account on our website and you will have access to your user details.

A new browser window appears and you register with your library user number and your password.

The following functions are available:

5.1 Data

You see your valid postal address and if necessary special announcements or information for you from the University library. Please inform us in case of changes in your personal data.

5.2 Borrowing

Here you find a survey of the books you borrowed or which are available in the reservation shelf ready for your collection. Reserved and ordered literature is kept ready for collection for three opening days. Please extend the lending period yourself and check the new return date (see point 6. Extension of the lending period) .

5.3 Reservation

Here you find a survey about media which you asked for reservation for but which are not yet available. When these reservations are no longer valid or required, please cancel them.

5.4 Fees

This list shows all fees you have to pay to the library (e.g. reminder fees).

5.5 Password

Here you can change your password. When you read "number and/or password are not correct” when logging in, please notify staff on site.

6. Extension of the lending period

In general, the lending period can be extended six times by eight weeks each. You have to execute this extension yourself.

In some cases the extension is not possible:

  • after expiry of the lending period,
  • when the lending period has already been extended six times,
  • when the book has been reserved by another user,
  • when your borrowing permission has expired.

7. Reminders

If the loan period is exceeded, a reminder procedure will be initiated in accordance with Schedule of costs. The library sends up to three reminders to the user.

8. Reservation of lent literature

Lent media can be reserved online; thus the current borrower is not able to extend the lending period again and must return the book. Please use the link for reservation given in the catalogue entry of the desired title.

9. Ordering library stacks literature

9.1. Books

Part of the library collection is in the stack-rooms in the library and can be borrowed after online ordering from the catalogue. Please use the appropriate link on the catalogue page for the desired title.

A book ordered by 3 p.m. is available for you after one hour at the lending desk of the library. Books ordered after 3 p.m. are available the following day at the latest.

9.2 Journals

Part of our older journal/magazine stack is kept in a stack-room. For ordering a journal/magazine, please use our delivery service (see INFO 9). Choose"Delivery Service / Full Service" on our website and fill in the order form.

Since magazines are located in the outdoor magazine, it is not possible to complete the order immediately. The journal volume will be ready for you at the circulation desk the following day at the latest.

10. Email notifications

As a member of TU Ilmenau you are informed automatically by email:

  • six days before the end of the lending period,
  • when ordered or reserved books are available.

For this we use your university email address.

The email reminding you before the expiry of the lending period does not have any legal effect. The only decisive factor is the date of the end of the lending period which you can check on your user account at any time.

11. Email reminders

As a member of TU Ilmenau, you receive the first and second reminder by email using your university email address. The third (final) reminder is sent as a printed letter.

Please note that exceeding the loan period is decisive for fixing the reminder fee and not the receipt of the reminder by email or letter.

Status: 2022/05/02