Dr.-Ing. Peter Amthor

Curriculum Vitae:  pdf


Phone:+49 (0) 3677 69 4163
Room:Zusebau 3028
 PGP public key
(66F6 C884 6F47 C94E 0B1C 2DF2 7B0B 0E90 0032 964E)
a.k.a.:FG VSBS Staff 2 (in Open Timetable, most of the time ...)

Research Interests

Formal methods for design, analysis, specification, and implementation of secure IT systems. This includes:

  • secure software applications
  • operating systems access control
  • privacy protection mechanisms
  • threat countermeasures

My research focus is on integrating such methods into a software engineering process that explicitly focuses mission-critical non-functional requirements such as security, safety and reliability. For this reason I am always interested in collaborating with related research areas.


Regular Courses

Summer Terms:

  • Systems Security Seminar (German, International)
  • Security Engineering Course
  • Research Seminar/Hauptseminar/Proseminar

Winter Terms:

  • Advanced Operating Systems Lecture and Seminar (awarded department's Best Elective Lecture in winter 2017/18)
  • Research Seminar/Hauptseminar/Proseminar


  • Research Project (RCSE Program, on request)
  • Bachelor/Master Thesis (see also here)

Bachelor/Master Thesis Topics

In the scope of my research interests and ongoing projects, we can find a topic for a Bachelor or Master Thesis based on your personal preferences. Generally, this includes but is not limited to the following areas of interest:

  • Formal methods for security policy analysis (e.g. heuristic safety analysis, model checking, information flow analysis, ...)
  • Tool-based analysis of domain-specific security policies (e.g. OS, web services middleware, online social networks, ...)
  • Security policy specification and code generation
  • Analysis and implementation of OS security architectures (with a focus on SELinux)
  • Design and Implementation of Mobile OS Security Architectures (with a focus on Android)

It is also possible to discuss any individual ideas based on your personal interests. In any case, please contact me via Mail for further discussion.