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Budden, Matthias; Schneider, Steffen; Groß, Gregor Alexander; Kielpinski, Mark; Henkel, Thomas; Cahill, Brian; Köhler, Michael
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Köhler, J. Michael; Kraus, Isabelle; Färber, Jacques; Serra, Christophe
Continuous-flow preparation of nanoporous metal/polymer composite particles by in situ synthesis of silver nanoparticles in photopolymerized acrylate/diethylene glycol droplets. - In: Journal of materials science, ISSN 1573-4803, Bd. 48 (2013), 5, S. 2158-2166

Knauer, Andrea; Visaveliya, Nikunjkumar; Köhler, Michael;
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Köhler, Michael; März, Anne; Popp, Jürgen; Knauer, Andrea; Kraus, Isabelle; Faerber, Jaques; Serra, Christophe
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Li, Shuning; Knauer, Andrea; Risch, Katrin; Ritter, Uwe; Köhler, Michael
Synthesis and characterization of ZnO/4-mercaptobenzoic acid/Au composite particles. - In: Materials letters, ISSN 1873-4979, Bd. 91 (2013), S. 103-106

Köhler, Michael; Funfak, Anette; Cao-Riehmer, Jialan; Brauer, Dana; Schneider, Steffen; Günther, Mike
Addressing of concentration spaces for bioscreenings by micro segmented flow with microphotometric and microfluorimetric detection. - In: Optical Nano- and Microsystems for Bioanalytics, (2012), S. 47-81

Cao, Jialan; Kürsten, Dana; Schneider, Steffen; Köhler, J. Michael
Stimulation and inhibition of bacterial growth by caffeine dependent on chloramphenicol and a phenolic uncoupler - a ternary toxicity study using microfluid segment technique. - In: Journal of biomedical nanotechnology, ISSN 1550-7041, Bd. 8 (2012), 5, S. 770-778

Knauer, Andrea; Csáki, Andrea; M̈öller, Frances; Hühn, Carolin; Fritzsche, Wolfgang; Köhler, Michael
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Li, Shuning; Roy, Amitava; Lichtenberg, Henning; Merchan, Gregory; Kumar, Challa S. S. R.; Köhler, Michael
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Cao-Riehmer, Jialan; Brauer, Dana; Schneider, Steffen; Knauer, Andrea; Günther, Mike; Köhler, Michael
Uncovering toxicological complexity by multi-dimensional screenings in microsegmented flow: modulation of antibiotic interference by nanoparticles. - In: Lab on a chip, ISSN 1473-0189, Bd. 12 (2012), 3, S. 474-484