The department's international team works on various research projects in communication studies that address current socially relevant issues, offers courses in Bachelor's and Master's degrees, and supervises theses at all levels of higher education.



The research group EMPK investigates (public) communication about socially relevant problems. The focus of the research group lies on the analysis of reception processes (media use and media effects) as well as on the investigation of media content related to the phenomena.

TU Ilmenau / Michael Reichel (ari)


The department offers compulsory and elective courses, especially in the Bachelor of Applied Media and Communication Science and the Master of Media and Communication Science. The focus is on basic courses in the field of media research and communication theory as well as research seminars on current issues of political communication.

  • Complete publication lists of the researchers can be found on the respective team pages.
  • Wolling; Jens; Schumann, Christina & Arlt, Dorothee (2020): Vier Corona-Welten – Divergierende Vorstellungen von einer multiplen Krise und die Rolle der Medien. Eine Typologie auf Grundlage der Weltbezugs-Theorie. In: Media Perspektiven (10/11), 578-590
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  • Arlt, Dorothee, Schumann, Christina & Wolling, Jens (2020): Upset with the Refugee Policy: Exploring the Relations among Policy Malaise, Media Use, Trust in News Media, and Topic Fatigue. In: Communications - The European Journal of Communication Research.

Science Communication

The research group EMPK aims to make its scientific results accessible and applicable not only for the scientific community but also for a broader public. Therefore, the research group engages in several science communication projects.