Latest Publications

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  • Wolling, J., Kuhlmann, C., Schumann, C., Berger, P., & Arlt, D. (2021). Corona 2020 – Zerreißprobe für die Gesellschaft? Persönliches Erleben und mediale Vermittlung einer multiplen Krise. Ilmenau: Univ.-Verl. Ilmenau.
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  • Arlt, D. (2021). Banning burkas and niqabs? Exploring perceptions of bias in media coverage of Islam and Muslims in Switzerland and their relation to people’s voting intention concerning the burka-initiative. Studies in Communication Sciences, 21(1), 9-25.
  • Fawzi, N., Steindl, N., Obermaier, M., Prochazka, F., Arlt, D., Blöbaum, B., . . . Ziegele, M. (2021). Concepts, causes and consequences of trust in news media – a literature review and framework. Annals of the International Communication Association, 45(2), 154-174. doi:10.1080/23808985.2021.1960181
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  • Berger, P. (2021). Influencing factors on teaching different facets of media and digital literacy. In M. Seifert & S. Jöckel (Eds.), Bildung, Wissen und Kompetenz(-en) in digitalen Medien. Was können, wollen und sollen wir über digital vernetzte Kommunikation wissen? (pp. 105-118).
  • Berger, P. (2021). ICT use for teaching media literacy: A closer look at the relationships between teaching with and teaching about media. Media Literacy and Academic Research, 4(2), 6–24. URL: