Welcome to the User-centric Analysis of Multimedia Data Group


The research area of the group includes the acquisition and modelling of subjective Quality of Experience (QoE) of media data and technical systems, as well as the user-centric optimisation of technical systems. Crowdsourcing is another central research focus of the department and is primarily used in the implementation of large-scale user studies.Further Information

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We offer lectures on the basics of media technology for Bachelor and Master students. Our goal is to impart theoretical and practical knowledge so that students acquire the necessary skills to successfully complete their studies. The students can also carry out their media projects, bachelor and master theses under the guidance of our staff. Further Information


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  • [J14] K. Borchert, A. Seufert, E. Gamboa, M. Hirth and T.  Hoßfeld, "In vitro vs in vivo: does the study’s interface design influence crowdsourced video QoE"? in Quality and User Experience, vol. 6, number 1., 2020 E-Print
  • [J13] E. Gamboa, A. Serrato, J. Castro, D. Toro and M. Trujillo, "Advantages and Limitations of Leap Motion from a Developers', Physical Therapists', and Patients' Perspective", in Methods of Information in Medicine, vol. 59, number. 02/03, pp. 110-116, ISSN: 0026-1270, 2020.


We are an international team that has been led by Jun. Prof. Dr. Matthias Hirth since 2019.Further Information

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