Thuringian Energy Research Institute

Welcome to ThEFI!

The Thuringian Energy Research Institute - in short ThEFI - unites 12 departments from 4 faculties of the Ilmenau University of Technology in the sense of interdisciplinary research. The focus is on knowledge transfer and the further development of research competence in all areas of environmental and systems engineering, both in-house and with scientific partners. The areas of activity of the ThEFI include not only the research and development of processes related to energy, but also the corresponding marketing of research results in cooperation with industrial companies and associations.

Currently, researchers together with partners from external research institutions and industry are expanding their expertise on the topic of "Green Hydrogen from Direct Solar Water Splitting" and "Solar Fuels Production" as one of the basic research projects of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

In an interview, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hannappel answers some basic questions about the topic and explains why the decoding of interfaces is a crucial building block for the sustainable energy supply of the future. Please continue reading here.