Technical Equipment


Several laboratory facilities as well as hardware and software components are available at the Center for Energy Technology for research work and for the practice-oriented range of services as well as for teaching content. These include the elements listed below.

The equipment of all laboratories is always checked and maintained to a realistic, current state of the art and is available to employees of the Ilmenau University of Technology for project and research work as well as for final theses of students. Before using the facilities, a detailed briefing and instruction must be given by the person responsible for the laboratory.

  • High-Voltage Laboratory

Shielded laboratory room, attenuation > 80 dB up to 10 MHz PD fundamental noise level < 1 pC; shielding and copper ground at separate earthing system RE < 0.2 Ω

  • Real-Time Simulator

Simulation platform OP5600 of the company OPAL-RT; parallel computing in FPGAs with mean value model of 100-knot power grid, step size 10 ms; software eMEGAsim (CIGRÉ medium voltage grid model)

Model of a transport network control room with 2 operator workstations and a situation room based on Spectrum Power 7 from SIEMENS.

Dynamische NetzleitwarteAnn-Kathrin Juliane Krug/TU Ilmenau
Modular Mixed Current/Mixed Voltage Test and Trial Facility
  • OPAL Open Field

Outdoor testing and experimental facility for research and teaching on photovoltaic components and systems; 2500 m² for various PV fields incl. 2 x biaxial tracking fields

Arc fault laboratory

Investigations into the effectiveness of measures for plant and personal protection during the planning, construction and assembly of high-power direct current plants, battery plants for energy provision and storage

  • Lightning Current Laboratory / Pulse Laboratory

Surge current generator from HIGHVOLT Dresden: 2.45 mF, 12 kV, 29.4 As, 176.4 kJ, typical current form: pos. first flash surge current 10/350 μs to 55 kApk; mains follow current system: 230/400 V-630 A (50 Hz), 7.5 kA-20 ms, coupling with pulse generators or other electrical sources.

Ann-Kathrin Juliane Krug/TU Ilmenau
  • Low Voltage Laboratory

several laboratory stations with AC 400 V 3ph up to 63 A adjustable RCD

  • Diagnostic Laboratory

Flexible modular system up to 30 kV for setting up a wide variety of test arrangements, e.g. for testing insulation material or determining dielectric parameters

Ann-Kathrin Juliane Krug/TU Ilmenau
  • Technology Laboratory

Smaller experimental setups, can be divided into suitable segments, compressed air and vacuum technology as well as 2 fume cupboards available

Ann-Kathrin Juliane Krug/TU Ilmenau