Interdisciplinary research and knowledge transfer through joint projects with scientific partners and partner companies are among the core objectives of ThEFI and will be presented in detail on the following pages.

The following topics are in the foreground:

  • Energy technology
  • Drive technology
  • Efficient solar energy conversion
  • Environmental systems technology

It is important to us to design technologies and processes according to the following principles:

  • resource-saving
  • consumption-oriented
  • low-polluting
  • environmentally friendly

On the following pages you will find all information about the current projects of the ThEFI and the funding as well as the presentation of the research work.

Porträtfoto Prof. Hannappel vor beschriebener TafelTU Ilmenau/Christoph Gorke

Green Hydrogen:  Prof. Thomas Hannappel decodes interfaces for a sustainable energy supply of the future

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