Representation of interests

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The Doctoral candidates' representatives represents the interests of all doctoral students of the TU Ilmenau. It campaigns for better working and general conditions for doctoral studies. In addition, it deals with state and university policy issues that specifically affect doctoral students and is the contact point for all members of the doctoral student body. Its members are elected by the doctoral students for a term of one year. The doctoral student representation may send representatives to all meetings of university committees.

The elections take place at the same time as the elections to the student bodies on an annual basis. All members of the doctoral student body, i.e. every person accepted as a doctoral student* at a faculty, are entitled to vote.

In addition, the doctoral candidates' representation is always happy to hear from interested parties who would like to support the work of the doctoral students' representation or find out more about it.

Visiting and mailing address:

House A Max-Planck-Ring 7, Room 013 98693 Ilmenau

+49 3677 69-1914

Discord channel via intranet

Research Data Management

The TU Ilmenau is a partner of the Thuringian Competence Network for Research Data Management, which offers on its web pages which provides information and interesting facts on the topic of "Research Data Management in the Free State of Thuringia".

The team of the Research Data Management of the TU Ilmenau:

  • FDM-related support for funding/project applications
  • Creation of a data management plan
  • Locating and citing research data
  • Publication of research data
  • Licensing and persistent identification
  • Backup and archiving of research data


Jessica Rex

+49 3677 69-4586

Leibniz Building, Room 4420

Compatibility issues

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Our Department for Equality, Diversity and Health will advise you on all questions concerning the compatibility of private and professional life.

We are aware that parents doing their doctorate are under great daily time pressure and a high stress load. The Campus Family Office has set itself the goal of strengthening the Ilmenau University of Technology in its family-friendliness, so that doctoral studies and child(ren) can be easily combined.

Information on contact and office hours can be found here.


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Daycare center

Under the sponsorship of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen, the KiTa Studentenflöhe has now existed for over 40 years on the campus of the Ilmenau University of Technology in dormitory block A. The KiTa has space for 60 children aged 0 to 3 years and a very nice, toddler-friendly play garden directly in front of the building.

Due to the proximity to the university and the extended opening hours, especially the doctoral students of the university are offered optimal care options for their offspring.


Parent-child workplace

Family and parent-child workstations are available in the library as well as in a flexible office equipped with a KidsBox. In addition to various toys and activities for children up to elementary school age, the KidsBox also contains a travel cot and a folding mattress. Quickly assembled, it transforms into a workspace for parent and child in the blink of an eye.

Rules of use, locations and booking details can be found in the SharePoint.


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The Equal Opportunity Officer will advise you on the following topics:

  • Opportunities for further education
  • Compatibility of family or studies and career
  • Career counseling for women at different levels of qualification
  • Discrimination, sexual harassment and violence as well as problems in the work environment


Equal Opportunity Officer

Dr.-Ing. Katja Tonisch+49 3677

Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer

Dr. Jialan Cao-Riehmer +49 3677 69-3657

Doctorate with impairment

Doctoral students with disabilities or chronic illnesses face special challenges in their qualification. The TU Ilmenau supports you by providing information, advice and by referring you to contact persons.

Information on contact persons and support services can be found on the intranet.

Mental Health

Psychological Counseling Center

In case of (interpersonal) conflicts, problems at the workplace or in changed life situations that lead to psychological impairment, doctoral students have the possibility to make use of psychological counseling.


Carolin Stotzka

+49 3677 69-3339

House M, Am Helmholzring 1, Room 502

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Mental Health First Aid

If you are feeling persistently down and stressed, but are not sure if it is a mental health crisis, you can also contact our Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) as a first point of contact.


Alexandra Dalek

+49 3677 69-4792

EAZ, Ehrenbergstr. 29, Room 3315

Consulting Compass

The Counseling Compass combines the information and counseling services of the TU Ilmenau. In search of help with problems in studies or at work, overwhelming situations in everyday life, experiences of discrimination or threatening situations, the Counseling Compass points out appropriate counseling centers and suitable contact persons.