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Are you interested in what artificial intelligence is all about and how security works on the Internet?

You want to know how operating systems are built and how mainframes, smartphones and embedded systems work?

You want to understand why these technologies are realized in this way and not in another?

Then study computer science at the TU Ilmenau!

Short profile

Bachelor of Science
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Restrictions on admission
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Standard period of study
6 semester
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Start of studies
October 1
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Basic internship
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Brief description

Whether it's the pedometer in the fitness watch, the temperature control in the smart home, the automated processes in Industry 4.0 or the ever-growing social networks - in our digital everyday lives, increasingly large amounts of data are being generated that must be processed quickly, reliably and securely. The indispensable foundation for this is computer science, the science of the systematic representation, storage, processing and transmission of data.

The university study of computer science provides you with basic knowledge and methodical skills as well as the abilities that prepare you for the versatile tasks of a computer scientist. For example, you will learn to professionally develop software (which involves much more than just programming), extract information from images using deep learning, design databases, manage data networks and control robots.

Already in the bachelor's program you get the opportunity to focus on future fields of computer science such as cognitive robotics, software engineering or machine learning. In the minor subject you can choose e.g. biomedical engineering or media technology, which are also taught by nationally and internationally renowned experts - a real advantage for your later career entry.

After graduating with a degree in computer science, a wide range of career fields and industries are open to you. For example, you will manage IT systems, develop apps and autonomous cars, or optimize ERP systems for industrial companies.

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"I study computer science because I find it exciting to bring ideas to life through algorithms"

Maximilian Kapfer

Why Ilmenau?

The study of computer science prepares you optimally for the demands of the working world. From the basics of how an algorithm works to complex communication technology, all important fields of computer science are covered. These are supplemented by non-technical subjects in which you will be prepared in the basics of business administration or in soft skills. This will enable you to communicate at eye level with the management and other specialists and executives in various departments of a company in your later professional life.

The program is characterized by a high practical component. In a mandatory software project, for example, you will practice implementing larger development tasks in a team - from requirements determination to implementation - together with IT engineers and business informatics specialists.

And finally, studying here is fun! As a student you will study in small seminar groups of usually less than 20 fellow students. This means that you will be offered intensive and individual support. To help you adjust from school, you will receive excellent support in the mentoring and tutoring program, especially at the beginning. This program is one of many opportunities to get involved in your further studies, which will benefit you, the university and your younger fellow students.


Tania and Tobias study computer science at the TU Ilmenau

Through Ilmenau with Janine and Marcel

Janine and Marcel take you on an exciting tour of the campus of the Ilmenau University of Technology and through Ilmenau itself. They describe how they live and study in Ilmenau, give numerous leisure tips and insights into the place of study of the Ilmenau University of Technology and take you to hidden places in the city.

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Content of study

Fundamentals of computer science and programming (e.g. computer organization, computer architectures, algorithms and programming, programming paradigms)

14 %

Mathematics (e.g. mathematics and stochastics for computer science, discrete structures)

14 %

Practical information (e.g. software development, databases, operating systems, telematics, computer graphics, software project)

17 %

Theoretical Computer Science (e.g. communication models, algorithms and structures, logic)

14 %

Optional courses (e.g. automata theory, computational intelligence, system and network security, mobile communication, embedded systems)

14 %

Minor (e.g. biomedical engineering, information and communication technology, media technology, mathematics, economics)

11 %

Non-technical subjects

3 %

Main seminar and bachelor thesis

11 %
Detailed subject overview: Computer Science (Module List)


  • Data Science / Machine Learning
  • computer vision
  • IT Security
  • Algorithmics
  • Software Engineering
  • Robotics

Minor subjects

  • Automation
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Information and communication technology
  • Mathematics
  • Media Technology
  • Medical informatics
  • Economics

Practice during studies

No compulsory basic or specialist internships are required.

Fields of work

  • Electricity generation, conversion and distribution
  • Renewable Energies
  • Mobile Communications
  • Audiovisual media
  • information and communication technology
  • micro- and nanoelectronics
  • Multimedia communication technologies
  • (resource-saving) automation technology
Michael Reichel (ari)
Michael Reichel (ari)


Programme coordinator

Prof. Dietrich Kuske

+49 3677 69-1444

Study organisation

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