Documents for applying to a degree program

The desired degree, the applicant group, the course of study as well as the individual educational history of the applicant determine which documents are required when applying for a course of study.

The following documents are usually required by the Admission Office on the basis of the matriculation regulations.

The curriculum vitae enables the Admission Office to trace the applicant's educational path to date and to count the individual university semesters and semesters of study correctly.

The passport copy enables the error-free recording of the name, place of birth and date of birth in the Campus Management System of the university, especially for applicants from abroad, in order to be able to issue error-free notifications and degree certificates.

The Special Provisions of the Examination and Study Regulations of the Master Media and Communication Science programme require the applicant to provide a letter of motivation.

The certificate of higher education entrance qualification is proof of eligibility to study at a German or foreign university.

The certificate of the assessment test is acquired by foreign prospective students within the framework of their Abitur education at a Studienkolleg in Germany.

If you have already studied or are still studying at another university in Germany or abroad, the Admission Office requires an overview of your academic achievements or, in the case of successful completion of studies, a degree certificate.

In order to check language skills, the Admission Office requires a recognised language certificate as proof of knowledge of the language of instruction of the desired course of study.