Donating education - paving the way

Within the framework of the Germany Scholarship Programme, private individuals and institutions donate to the education of young, gifted and committed individuals.

With your donation of 150 EUR per month (1,800 EUR per year), TU Ilmenau will award a scholarship to a particularly talented and committed young person for a minimum of one academic year and a maximum of the standard period of study . This person is distinguished by very good performance in his or her studies and by his or her social and societal commitment.

The state acknowledges your contribution by co-financing half of the scholarship, which means that the student can receive a total of 300 EUR per month or 3,600 EUR per year .

Why should I become a sponsor?

Joint encounters, events and personal exchanges allow partnerships to develop and pave common paths.

As a private person, alumnus, company, foundation or association, you contribute together with us to

  • to give young, talented and committed personalities recognition and motivation for their achievements
  • prepare new paths for these young people and thus take on responsibility for our society in a special way
  • to set impulses for long-lasting partnerships based on trust
  • to accompany and promote the exchange between science, society and economy in a special way and thus to contribute to the development of the university, the region and society.

Be part of it, shape the future with us!