Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2017 - [Finale]

Video 1: Driving tasks in competition

Video 2: Free demonstration in competition

1st place: Team AFILSOP wins the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2017


The aim of the competition was to program a model car in such a way that it reliably fulfils specified tasks. The international five-member team from the TU Ilmenau prevailed against 12 competitors from Germany, Austria and Luxembourg and received prize money of 10,000 euros for the victory.

Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2017 - [Qualifikation]

Eight teams in the final - preliminary decision at the test event


TEAM "AFILSOP" from the department Simulation and Optimal Processes (SOP) achieved a good 5th place at the test event and thus qualified for the final in November.


Three days of programming, testing and optimisation: At the beginning of October Audi invited the teams of the Autonomous Driving Cup to a joint test event. After all, the students had to prove how powerful the software is in qualifying - because only eight teams will compete in the final race.