Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Pu Li
TU Ilmenau
Department of Computer Science and Automation
Helmholtzplatz 5
Zusebau, room 3008
98693 Ilmenau

Phone: +49 3677 69-1423

Phone: +49 3677 69-1434




Classification into research alliances

  • Nanoengineering
  • Precision Engineering and Precision Measurement Technology
  • Drive, Energy and Environment Technology
  • Technical and Biomedical Assistance Systems
  • Digital Media Technology
  • Mobile Communication

Main research areas


Basic research - focal points

  • Dynamic optimization of large-scale systems
  • Stochastic optimization under uncertainty
  • Optimization of hybrid systems
  • Real-time optimization
  • Development of efficient simulation and optimization methods as well as corresponding software packages for design and operation of industrial processes


  • Energy systems engineering
    • Parameter identification and optimization of processes in power plants
    • Practically suitable approaches for power plant dispatch
    • Optimal and robust operation of electrical energy supply networks under uncertainty
  • Management of water resources systems
    • Modeling and optimal control of ground water systems
    • Optimization of operation of water supply networks
    • Optimization of waste water purification processes
  • Systems biology
    • Investigation of regulatory strategies in metabolic networks by optimal control methods
    • Identification and explanation of liver zonation
  • Chemical process engineering
    • Dynamic optimization of distillation columns
    • Real-time optimizaton of adsorption/desorption plants
  • 3B based autonomous driving
    • data-based
    • model-based
    • algorithm-based

Range of services

  • Simulation and optimization of energy and chemical processes
  • Optimization of energy supply systems with uncertain wind and solar energy penetration
  • Optimization and operation of ground water, water supply, and  waste water purification systems
  • Model-based nonlinear model predictive control of complex power plant processes

Special equipment

  • Pilot plant of a distillation column
  • Experimental devices for control and optimization
  • Software packages for simulation, control system design, and optimization