Welcome to the Algorithms group

The Algorithms group at the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science is headed by Prof. Dr. Christoph Berkholz since August 1, 2022.



How can tasks be solved with few resources, and where is the limit of efficient solvability? The overall goal of the research in this area is to gain a deep understanding of the structure and complexity of algorithmic methods.

One focus is currently on counting and enumeration algorithms, which are investigated in the DFG project Representation Complexity of Counting and Enumeration Problems.

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The Algorithms group currently offers the following courses.

Summer term 2023

Overview of all modules of the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science.

Examination information for the winter semester 2022/2023

Head of the group

Prof. Dr. Christoph Berkholz

christoph.berkholz (at) tu-ilmenau.de

+49 3677 69-2783

⌂  Zuse building, room 1045

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Jana Berlit


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🖷 +49 3677 69-1237

⌂ Zusebau, room 1046

Technical administration

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Krechla


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⌂  Zuse building, room 1045

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Scientific staff

M.Sc. Harry Vinall-Smeeth

PhD student in the research training group "Facets of Complexity

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M.Sc. Maximilian Merz


+49 3677 69-2786

Zusebau, Room 1048

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M.Sc. Philipp Schlag


+49 3677 69-4113

Zusebau, Room 1057

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Arindam Biswas, Ph.D..


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Zusebau, Room 1057

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M.Sc. Hermann Wilhelm


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Zusebau, Room 1048

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Former head of the group