Regular Events

The teaching of our institute is naturally focused on Theoretical Computer Science and is oriented towards our special competences, which are also reflected in our research. The table below lists the courses we offer on a regular basis. In addition, all interested parties are invited to the regular research seminar of the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science.


  • Algorithms and Data Structures 1 (Bachelor Computer Science)
  • Algorithms and Data Structures 2 (Bachelor Computer Science)
  • Algorithms, Automata and Complexity (Bachelor of Computer Science in Engineering)
  • Automata and Formal Languages (Bachelor Computer Science)
  • Automata Theory (Bachelor Computer Science)
  • Computability and Complexity (Bachelor Computer Science)
  • Logic and Logic Programming (Bachelor Computer Science)
  • Cryptography (Bachelor Computer Science and Master Business Informatics)


  • Algorithms and Complexity 1 + 2 (Master Computer Science, planned from summer term 23)
  • Algorithms (Master RCSE)
  • Automatic Structures (Master Computer Science)
  • Proof Complexity (Master Computer Science)
  • Constraint Satisfaction (Master Computer Science, planned from WiSe 23/24)
  • Efficient Algorithms (Master Computer Science)
  • Logic in Computer Science (Master Computer Science)
  • Theoretical Computer Science (Master RCSE)
  • Verification (Master Computer Science and RCSE)

Current courses

Winter semester 2023/24

FG Algorithmik

Courses from previous semesters

Summer semester 2023

FG Algorithmik

FG Automata and Logic

Winter semester 2022/23

FG Algorithmik

FG Automata and Logic

Summer semester 2022

FG Automata and Logic

  • Automata Theory (AT)
  • Automata and Complexity (AuK)
  • Logic and Logic Programming (LuLP)
  • Logic in Computer Science (LidI)

FG Complexity Theory and Efficient Algorithms

  • Selected Chapters of Complexity Theory/Algorithmics (AKKT/A).
  • Algorithms and Data Structures 1 (AuD1)
  • Randomized Algorithms (RA)
  • Algorithms (A)