We constantly provide topics for bachelor & master theses and research projects. The topics are closely related to our research topics and projects, but can also originate from cooperations with companies, such as IBM, SAP, but also IT companies from the nearby region around Ilmenau.

What we expect:

  • very good previous knowledge in the field of databases,
  • above-average commitment to work on the topic,
  • team work skills.

What we provide:

  • interessante und anspruchsvolle Themen, die nicht selten zu wissenschaftlichen Veröffentlichungen auf internationalen Veranstaltungen führen,
  • eine intensive und kompetente Betreuung: Neben der individuellen Konsultation bieten wir ein wöchentliches Oberseminar an, dass allen Studierenden die Möglichkeit der Präsentation und Diskussion ihrer Probleme und Ergebnisse gibt.


You are interested in a topic? 

  1. Contact us for further information.
  2. You prepare a short summary ("Exposé") containing the following content: short description of the task, a draft of the solution, evaluation plans and a work plan (very important!).
  3. We decide on the assignement and registration of the topic based on your task summary. It is also possible that we test your qualification for the topic with the help of a short practical task.
  4. You will present your topic in a kick-off presentation to our research group in the course of our "Oberseminar".

Currently Available Topics

The following topics are currently available:

  • Concurrency Control in Index Structures (Master/Research Project)
    Requirements: C++
    Contact: Prof. Sattler

  • Graph Query Compilation for WebAssembly (Bachelor/Research Project/Master)
    Requirements: C++, WASM
    Contact: Prof. Sattler

  • Large Memory Buffer Management in Databases (Bachelor/Research Project/Master)
    Requirements: C++
    Contact: Prof. Sattler 

  • Time Travel Queries in Graph Databases (Bachelor/Research Project/Master)
    Requirements: C++
    Contact: Prof. Sattler

  • Indexing in Graph Databases (Bachelor/Master)
    Requirements: C++, interest in data structures
    Contact: Prof. Sattler

  • String Compression for Persistent Memory (Bachelor/Master)
    Requirements: C++
    Contact: Prof. Sattler

  • Graph Processing using Processing-in-Memory (Research Project, Master)
    Requirements: C++
    Contact: Muhammad Attahir Jibril

LaTeX Templates

You can find LaTeX-Templates for thesis reports - master and bachelor thesis, but also research project reports - here.