coronaMNP I - Preparation of Core-Shell Hybrid Materials via Field Induced Generation of a Protein Corona on Magnetic Nanoparticles with Variable Surface Charge Distribution



Composition of the targeted core-shell hybrid materials

This project aims at the magnetic field-controlled synthesis of novel hybrid materials consisting of a magnetic core, a polymer coating with varying surface charge and charge distribution, and a protein corona. This will be realized by magnetic field-controlled incubation of the polymer-coated core-shell magnetic nanoparticles in a protein source (serum). In that way, biocompatible magnetic nanoparticles will be formed, which are expected to interact differently with the biological matrix if compared to presently available examples. The controlled formation of a protein shell will lead to an improved uptake of such materials into the biological matrix (e.g., cells). Due to this behavior a stronger enrichment of MNP in the target region during magnetic drug targeting is expected. Also for magnetic hyperthermia a further progress by using these particles seem promising because an improved cellular uptake and homogeneous distribution of the MNP in the tumors lead to an enhancement of temperature generation and dissemination inside the tumor. Besides the preparation of well-defined hybrid materials, particular emphasis will be put on different factors (e.g. regime of incubation, temperature of incubation, and charge distribution within the polymer shell) which directly influence amount and composition of the formed protein corona during incubation. Further, we will elucidate whether a suitable polymer coating can hamper or even totally prevent the formation of such a protein layer. 


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