TFI - Base functional imaging technologies


Aim of the project “basic technology for functional imaging” is to compile the fundamentals to do an important expansion in the ophthalmologist diagnostics, develop new methods and make them accessible for a wide clinical use. For this purpose basic technologies will be developed for space-resolved examinations of (particularly dynamic) characteristics of the retina. Methods for imaging of the retina as well as for generating test pattern and stimuli on the retina will be produced. Essential qualities of the modules are the programmability and adaptivity. Thereby it will be possible to directly adjust the technical measurement features of the modules to the medical problems and the individual characteristics of the patients. Priority is given to the methods for collecting the parameters of the microcirculation.

Project partners

Projektleiter: Dr.-Ing. habil. W. Vilser


Publications & patents

  • Link, D., Strohmaier, C., Seifert, B.U., Riemer, T., Reitsamer, H.A., Haueisen, J., Vilser,  W.: A novel non-contact retina camera for the rat and its application to dynamic retinal vessel analysis. Biomedical Optics Express, 2(11):3094–3108, 2011
  • Bessler P, Klee S, Kellner U, Haueisen J.: Silent Substitution Stimulation of S-cone pathway and L- and M-cone pathway in glaucoma. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 51(1):319-26, 2010