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Prevalence and sexual health of men who pay for sex

The first population-based study on adult sexuality in Germany is GeSiD – the German Health and Sexuality Survey. For GeSiD, around 5,000 women and men (18-75 years) were personally interviewed in 2018/2019. Prof. Döring from the group Media Psychology and Media Design at TU Ilmenau is involved in the study as a member of the scientific advisory board and also supports the data analysis. A sub-analysis led by her deals with the prevalence and sexual health of men who pay for sex.

Until now, there has only been speculation about the number of so-called Johns. The GeSiD study provides representative data for the first time and shows that 4% of men in Germany report having paid for sex in the past year and 27% at least once in their lifetime. Implications for sexual health are discussed, which includes online interventions. The study was published in parallel in German and English in Deutsches Ärzteblatt International (Journal Impact Factor IF= 5.594).


Döring, N., Walter, R., Mercer, C. H., Wiessner, C., Matthiesen, S., & Briken, P. (2022). Men who Pay for Sex: Prevalence and Sexual Health-Results from the German Health and Sexuality Survey (GeSiD). Deutsches Ärzteblatt International, 119(12), 201-207.


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