Media Management

For us, the field of media management research includes management processes in media companies as well as management with the help of media. Media industries are subject to constant change.

The goal of our research in this field is to identify and work on topics that are equally relevant to science and practice. In doing so, we rely on perspectives that can be located at the interface between communication sciences and economics.

We see media management research as a framework for our further research priorities: Entrepreneurship, Emerging Technologies, Project Management, Communication Management, Entertainment Research. Within these areas we work both theoretically and conceptually, as well as with the help of qualitative and quantitative methods.

Communication Management

TU Ilmenau / Michael Reichel

Communication management comprises questions and processes of management using communication and media.

In this context, we dealt with the question of how genuinely media-supported processes in companies can be improved with the help of gamification (AUZUKA). In another context we have researched the use of modern media technology in the context of integrating inclusive topics into teacher training   (QualiTeach).

In addition, we are supporting the networking of knowledge institutions, museums, educational institutions, creative professionals and medium-sized companies in specific contexts in an international context (CerDee).


For us, entrepreneurship means the scientific examination of phenomena related to the founding of a company, but also the examination of entrepreneurial thinking and acting in the broadest sense. We approach this heterogeneous field of research from a communication and economic perspective.

We focus on entrepreneurial processes in classical and newly created media industries as well as on the theoretical description and empirical research of communicative and media processes related to the founding process. With this line of sight, we create a connection between communication science, entrepreneurship and media management research, which includes related topics such as digital entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education.

With our research, our teaching and our commitment in practice, we pursue the ambitious goal of contributing to a better start-up culture in Germany.

Project Management Annie Spratt

In the research area Project Management we look at the basics as well as specific aspects of project management.

We are interested in the areas of conflict between the administrative burden and the benefits of applying the methodology, creativity and planning, and the project participants, especially with regard to project communication.

Emerging Technologies

Media management research is constantly receiving new impulses through the further development of new and exisiting technologies. In retrospect, technologically driven changes have always meant turning points for media management research, from the development of letterpress printing to the use of artificial intelligence.

In practice today, examples such as developments in data journalism, the use of podcasts as an extension of business models in the publishing industry or discussions about various application scenarios for Blockchain show that future technologies have great potential to change media industries today more and more strongly and rapidly.

In the focus area Emerging Technologies (Future Technologies) we deal with questions about the importance of future technologies for media companies. We examine these processes with the help of various theoretical approaches, e.g. models of technology acceptance, approaches of entrepreneurship research or organizational learning.