Basics of media management Philippe Bout

Students in the bachelor programs Applied Media and Communication Studies and Media Economics learn the basics of media management with us. In the English-language Master program Media and Communication Science we offer an introduction to the theories of media management.

Learning for the professional field Priscilla Du Preez

The discovery and development of one's own (entrepreneurial) personality is the focus of our professional field orientation on entrepreneurship, in which students follow the path from the initial idea to the finished business concept over a period of one year.


Research-based learning Ilya Pavlov

In our research modules we guide students to independently carry out smaller research projects from the initial idea to presentation and publication. The seminars convey the state of the art of media management research and are thematically oriented towards our main research areas.

Learning in real projects Leon

In the course project management and in the numerous media projects we supervise, students learn to apply their knowledge in the management of "real" projects such as the Children's and Youth University or the ILMPULS Festival.

Theses Kyle Gregory Devaras

Twice a year, students can apply to participate in our structured Bachelor and Master thesis program. We accompany the entire work process from the first sketch of ideas, through literature and theory work, methodology of the empirical study - up to the question how to argue scientifically. For more information, see our moodle course.

Our current courses can be found on the learning platform moodle.