Prof. Dr. Britta Gossel

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Dr. Britta Gossel graduated from Ilmenau University of Technology in 2004 with a diploma in "Applied Media Science". From 2010 to 2021 she worked at the Ilmenau University of Technology as a research assistant. She completed her PhD in 2019 at the University of Bamberg. Since 2021, Dr. Britta Gossel is a Professor of Social Business Management at the Department of Sustainable Business at the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde.

Dr. Daniel Schultheiss      XING


Dr. Daniel Schultheiß studied Applied Media Science (specializing in media production) at the Technische Universität Ilmenau from 2001-2007. He completed his doctorate in 2010 with the Media and Communication Management Group. Since 2018 Dr. Daniel Schultheiss has been Lord Mayor of the city of Ilmenau and is on leave of absence to exercise his elective office.