Sexuality and Digital Media


Nowadays, sexual experiences increasingly take place via, through and with digital media. With our research, we want to contribute to a better theoretical and empirical understanding of sexual experiences in digital contexts.


Available results:

1. Conceptual framework of sexual interaction in digital contexts developed and published:


Döring, N., Krämer, N., Mikhailova, V., Brand, M., Krüger, T. H. C., & Vowe, G. (2021). Sexual Interaction in Digital Contexts and Its Implications for Sexual Health: A Conceptual Analysis. Frontiers in Psychology, 12, 1–18.


2. Special issue of the journal "Frontiers in Psychology" on sexual interaction in digital contexts edited:


Krämer, N., Brand, M., Döring, N., Kruger, T.H.C., van Oosten, J.M.F., & Vowe, G. (Eds.) (2022). Research Topic: Sexual Interaction in Digital Contexts: Opportunities and Risks for Sexual HealthFrontiers in Psychology.


3. Online survey of a representative quota sample of Internet users in Germany (18-65 years) on their experiences with sexuality in digital media conducted:


This survey is currently being prepared. The first results will be published here for the participants after completion of the study, expectedly at the beginning of 2023.