The I3TC

The Ilmenau Interactive Immersive Technologies Center (I3TC) is a TU Ilmenau infrastructure unit for the holistic research of technologies and applications of immersive media as well as their use and evaluation. In particular, such approaches and systems are considered that are oriented as far as possible to reality. This includes virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) as well as spatial audio and immersive video formats (high dynamic range - HDR, 8K or higher resolution, etc.). A focus is on distributed applications, especially telepresence solutions.

The Media Psychology and Media Design Group at TU Ilmenau is a member of the I3TC, as research into the psychological aspects of immersive technology is one of the group’s main areas of work.


The I4MT

The Institute for Intelligent and Interactive Immersive Media and Technologies (I4MT) is an association of more than 20 research groups at TU Ilmenau and stands for interdisciplinary cutting-edge research in the field of immersive media and technologies. The Media Psychology and Media Design Group is a member of the I4MT.


The members of the institute work to establish and develop high-level research and teaching in the field of intelligent and interactive immersive technologies and applications. These include in particular:

  • Extended Reality (XR), i.e. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR)
  • Mediated Reality including Alternate Reality, Diminished Reality, etc.
  • Immersive video formats such as 360-degree videos