Gender Diversity Certificate in the International Program

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In today's globalized world undergoing demographic and social change, it is important to make constructive use of the diversity of people and to counteract discrimination on the basis of social categories such as age, sexual orientation, disability, cultural background, socioeconomic status, religion, gender and so on. In particular, the conscious and constructive handling of social gender roles poses a special challenge in private and professional life as well as in research and teaching. One speaks of gender and diversity competence as a collective term for knowledge and skills that contribute to dealing with the diversity of people in a reflective and professional manner, recognizing and counteracting discrimination, reducing prejudices, and promoting fair and constructive coexistence and cooperation. Gender and diversity competence is a key qualification in professional life - especially for future leaders and for media professions.

With the Gender Diversity Certificate, students can prove that as future employees and, in some cases, leaders in media and communications professions, you are able to address the important issues of gender and diversity not simply naively, but with relevant knowledge and skills. The Gender Diversity Certificate is voluntarily acquired during the course of your study program. It is recorded on the certificate (supplement) with credit points, but without a grade.


In order to obtain the gender diversity certificate, a gender or diversity topic must be worked on in a total of at least 6 courses of the bachelor's program "Angewandte Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft" AMKW and proven with the acquisition of a minimum number of points totaling 30 ECTS. The two courses in the basic module are compulsory. A total of at least four modules with a gender/diversity topic must be selected from the research and practice module and successfully completed. English-language courses for the International Program (IP) are marked as such in the following table.






Basic module

1. Gender and Diversity in Professional and Private Life: Basic Course (online course, compulsory)

1st to 6th


2. Gender and Diversity in Professional and Private Life: Advanced Course (online course, compulsory)

1st to 6th


Research module


Communicator Research with gender-/diversity topic (IP)



Media Content Research with gender-/diversity topic (IP)



Media Reception and Effects with gender-/diversity topic (IP)



Research Seminar with gender-/diversity topic



Practical module

Media Project with gender-/diversity topic (IP)



Applied Project Management with gender-/diversity topic



Methods Training with gender-/diversity topic



Practical Workshop with gender-/diversity topic




All courses are part of the regular AMKW curriculum. In prior consultation with the lecturers, a gender/diversity topic can be worked on within each of the courses of the research and practical module (e.g. as part of the term paper in the seminar). The fact that a gender/diversity topic has been dealt with in the corresponding courses is acknowledged to the students by the lecturers on a corresponding routing slip for the Gender Diversity Certificate.

Note: Starting with the upcoming winter semester 21/22, new regulations for the Gender Diversity Certificate apply, e.g. regarding the required ECTS. For those who have already started with the Basic Course, the old regulation applies. For those who would like to enrol into the course from now on, the new regulation shown above applies.

Participation in the Gender Diversity Certificate

If you would like to join this semester, please register at and enrol into the Moodle rooms for the online course "Gender and Diversity in Professional and Private Life" (basic course) and the online course "Gender and Diversity in Professional and Private Life" (advanced course).

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