Immersive Learning Platform Thuringia (ILT)

(Duration: 2021 - 2022)

The Immersive Learning Platform Thuringia (ILT) project provides impulses for teachers at all Thuringian universities to use immersive learning environments. It is inspired by online teaching formats used for academic exchange. As part of this project, the FH Erfurt and the TU Ilmenau will develop and implement cooperative courses using Social Virtual Reality (Social VR) technology. The project results can be integrated into the existing approaches for learning, teaching, and testing.

Existing video conference applications for online teaching lack proper engagement and are often not very motivating. Virtual reality contributes to the didactic enrichment of learning and adds another dimension of immersion in online teaching which has the potential to enhance learning due to better information processing and more engagement. In ILT, formats of learning and teaching are developed and tested in a competence-oriented way and with a high fit to student requirements .

Our group is responsible for the implementation, preparation, support for courses and evaluation. In ILT, we will investigate the suitability of Social VR for the cross-university implementation of courses. At the same time, ILT results serve as a basis for future developments, new ideas and their implementation. The experiences, including documentation, will be made available at the end of the project, and presented to the eTeach network in an impulse workshop.


Project duration: 1 year
Project start: 2021
Funding body: eTeach Network Thuringia


University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
Altonaer Straße 25

99085 Erfurt