The research of the Department of Business Administration, Economics and Media covers three core topics:

Research Profile

The department’s strategic research initiatives focus on Computational Social Sciences: Economy, Media and Social Systems, addressing aspects of the modern digitized economy and society from an interdisciplinary perspective. The various forms of computational social sciences include:

  • The development and application of innovative computational methods to large and complex digital data, typically coming from human behaviour or digital technologies on the micro, meso and macro level.
  • The theoretical and empirical investigation of the ethical, legal, economic and social implications of advancing digitalization and the corresponding technologies.
  • The study and further development of economic, communication science and legal theories, data and measurements to investigate individual and societal consequences of the progress of digitization and corresponding technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI).
  • The design, implementation, and evaluation of systems as solutions to real-world problems faced by digitized individuals, organizations, and societies