Excursion to the Altenfeld substation

On 08 May 2023, some excursion participants of the student council EI were allowed to accompany the excursion to the Altenfeld substation organized by the department of electrical devices and systems. After an interesting introduction to the importance of the substation as a network node in the Thuringian region, we went to the actual substation.

Here, the individual components of a line and a transformer switchgear including all special features in Altenfeld were explained to us. The tour ended with a visit to the MSCDN (Mechanically Switched Capacitor with Damping Network) plant, which is used for voltage support. With many new impressions and practical insights into the world of a substation we drove back to Ilmenau - but we will surely come back.

The Fachschaftsrat EI is looking forward to new members who support the organization of excursions or in general.

View into the Altenfeld substationMaximilian Schima
View into the Altenfeld substation