Why we exist

The students of each faculty form a student council. Once a year all students of the faculty elect their group of representatives, the student council. We are elected by the students of the courses Electrical Engineering and InformationTechnology (BA/MA/Dipl), Media Technology (BA/MA), Materials Science (BA/MA), Communications and Signal Processing (MA), Electric Power Control SystemsEngineering (MA) and Electrochemistry and Electroplating (MA). We consist of eight elected members and as many active members as you like. Our main task as student representatives is to defend your interests towards our faculty. We help you with any problem, no matter how small or big, and in our actions we always strive to make it possible for all students to study in an uncomplicated, pleasant and successful way. Furthermore, we organize informative as well as cultural events for the whole student body, such as excursions, workshops or student body parties. Last but not least, we are responsible for the selection and supervision of the first semester tutors.

Voting slips of the committee election

How to become a member

If you also want to become a member of the faculty council (FSR) EI, then just come to our next meeting - we are happy about every new face! You can find our current meeting dates under Meetings. As soon as you have been a guest at three meetings, you can become an active member of the FSR EI. If you want to get additional voting rights, then you can simply run for the FSR EI at the next committee election - and with some advertising among your fellow students you will also collect enough votes.

Who we really are

We are not just a committee with 10 to 15 members doing their job. We are much more a team of dedicated students. We all have in common that we want to be a bigger part of the university than just an "average student". We want to make a difference, not just complain. We want to stand up for others, we want to take responsibility and learn how to deal with it - and all this in a relaxed atmosphere where we get along so well that we also meet privately outside of the weekly meeting.

Kickelhahn hike with a crate of beer

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