Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)

Device SSMBE system UMS 500 (Balzers AG).
Module1 Plasma Cleaning and UHVCVD Module (PCCM) with low energy Ar/H2 plasma for substrate cleaning and plasma enhanced CVD.
Gases silane, ethene, hydrogen, argon, nitrogen
Substrate diameter up to 100mm, temperature up to 1200°C
Pressure in the process chamber < 5E-9 mbar
Module2 Molecular beam epitaxy chamber for growth of group III nitrides and silicon carbide
Sources 2 electron beam evaporators (6kW each) for carbon and silicon or germanium, 3 effusion cells for gallium, aluminium and germanium, nitrogen plasma source Oxford HD25, gas inlet for hydrocarbons, rate control via quadrupole MS
Substrate diameter up to 100mm,temperature up to 1300°C.
Pressure in the process chamber < 5E-11 mbar
Analytics 35kV RHEED system with ER-RHEED analyzer and in situ spectral ellipsometer

Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES)

Device Auger electron spectrometer Microlab 350
Electron beam Energy up to 25keV
Lateral resolution 7nm SEM, < 12nm SAM
Angle of bombardment 0°...60°, gridable
Analyzer hemispherical analyzer
Energy resolution 0.02 %-2 %.
Ion beam Ar+ ions
Energy 0.3...5keV
Angle of bombardment 45°...75° in steps
Vacuum system UHV system with ion getter pump, sample lock
Preparation in situ sample heating (approx. 950°C), in situ sample cooling (approx. -100°C), compucent rotation extensive evaluation software (LLS, NLLS, TFA)

Metal-organic chemical vapor deposition

Unit AIX 200; AIX 200RF
System two reactors operating in parallel with separate gas supply and exhaust systems
Wafer size 2" substrates, gas foil rotation system
Handling Glovebox
Purity gas filter, Pd cell for H2
Safety safety system, gas detection
Sources for nitrides --> MO sources for growth (TMGa, TMAI, TEGa, TMIn), MO sources for doping (CP2Mg), Scruber for NH3
  for oxides --> MO sources for growth (tert-butanol, DMZN), MO sources for doping (DEGa)
Carrier gas H2, N2, NH3, SiH4 in H2
heating for nitrides --> HF-heating, 2 colors pyrometer, for oxides --> IR-heating

Plasma etching system

Device Multiplex ICP
Process chamber Al- process chamber
Substrate 1x4"
Substrate electrode Al- electrode with water cooling for RIE incl. thermostat, thermal coupling to substrate with He gas
ICP source 13.56 MHz, 1000 W
RIE source 13.56 MHz, 300 W
Gas supply 6 regulated gas lines (Cl2, BCl3, H2, O2, Ar, C2H4)
Pumping system for corrosive gases turbomolecular pump 900l/s, rotary vane pump 80m3/h
Vacuum lock manual loading
Control system PC, Windows 2000

Electron beam lithography

Device Raith 150
Accelerating voltage 0.2...30kV in 10 V steps, switching time < 30min
Cathode Thermal field emission cathode
Beam diameter 4nm at 1kV, 2nm at 20kV
Beam current stability < 0.5% in 1h
Beam drift < 50nm/h
Beam current 4pA to 10nA discrete beam current setting
Write mode Stop & Go, Pixel Lines, Vector Scan, Mix & Match
write speed 10 MHz...125Hz, 5 MHz random pixel addressing
Sample size 50...150mm2
sample thickness 2...12 mm
Sample pieces yes, max. 800µm2

X-ray diffractometer (HXRD)

Device D8 DISCOVER high resolution X-ray diffractometer
X-ray generator X-ray tube with Cu-anode, maximum power 3000W, voltage and current from 10 to 60kV and from 2-80 mA continuously adjustable
detector scintillation counter, lin. count rate up to 2x10E6 lmp/sec
Equipment 2-circle goniometer, 1/4-circle Euler cradle, Göbel mirror and monochromator for a highly parallel primary beam; Kß radiation is suppressed
Software DIFFRAC plus software for real-time data collection and display, comprehensive evaluation software

UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer

Device Varian Cary 5000
Spectral range 175 to 3300nm
Equipment double beam spectrophotometer with double monochromator, photomultiplier for UV-Vis range, Pbs detector for NIR range
Accessories total fluorescence accessory, automated double aperature accessory, VW specular reflectance accessory, near-normal incidence specular reflection attachment, internal diffuse reflectance accessory, fiber optic adapter
Applications Absorption/transmission and reflection measurements of solid and liquid samples

Desorption measuring station

Device Desorption measuring station (self-made)
Equipment Pumping station with turbomolecular pump, quadrupole mass spectrometer QME 200, 2 quartz reactors, inner diameter 7 mm and 27 mm, programmable heater up to 1050°C
Application Residual gas analysis
  Determination of thermal stability of materials
  Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD)
  Temperature dependent electrical measurements in vacuum


Instrument Sentech SE 900 FT-IR ellipsometer
Instrument type ex situ spectral ellipsometer
Spectral range 2.5 to 25 µm
Applications Coating thickness measurements
  determination of optical constants
  charge carrier concentrations and mobilities
  charge carrier distributions,
  measurement of phonons and strains
  determination of material compositions, polymer analysis


Instrument Sentech SE 801
Instrument type in situ spectral ellipsometer
Spectral range 250 to 850 nm
Applications Coating thickness measurement
  monitoring of growth processes
  Determination of the temperature dependence of optical constants
  analysis of surfaces and interface roughnesses
  Determination of material composition

ECR Plasma Display

Equipment ECR plasma system PLS 500 (Pfeiffer) for LPPECVD and plasma etching
Vacuum system Universal rectangular recipient with 1600 l/s, turbo and rotary vane backing pump, Drosel valve to reduce pumping speed
Process technology 800 Watt ECR source RR160, (Roth&Rau Anlagentechnik), DC bias
Substrate substrate size up to 100mm
Substrate heating up to 600°C
Gas Ar, O2, H2, C2 H4, NH3, CF4, CHF3 , SF6
Application Plasma etching of SiC, use as PECVD system possible, (Diamond like Carbon, Si3N4, AlN )

Solar measurement station

Device AM 1.5 measuring station
Equipment Solar simulator Solar Celltest 575 of the company KHS
Voltage source Type HP6633A Programmable Electrometer Type 617 of the company Keithley
Application Automatic recording of IV-characteristics under sun-like illumination, contacting from the irradiation side as well as from the opposite side possible.

Photothermal deflection spectroscopy (PDS)

Equipment PC-controlled photothermal deflection spectroscopy (self-made)
Equipment Halogen and Xenon lamp, (300 - 2500 nm and 200 - 600 nm respectively)
Monochromator type laser 632 nm, 10 mW
Electrical measuring technique Lock-in amplifier, programmable current-voltage source
Application Absorption behavior of thin films from near infrared to ultraviolet using Photothermal Deflection Spectroscopy (PDS), Spectral Photoconductivity and Constant Photocurrent Method (CPM)

Scanning Nearfield Optical Microscope (SNOM)

Device Solver SNOM (NTMDT) on Olympus IX 70
sample size 30 x 30 mm²
Scan area 100 x 100 µm² with 2 nm resolution
Measurement modes Shear Force, Transmission, Reflection
Laser He-Cd laser 15 mW with 325 nm laser line
Optical detector PMT, Hamamatsu (H5784-04) 185 - 850 nm, vibration damped table with lightproof cover

Atomic Force Microscopy

Device Atos Solver Pro (NT-MDT)
sample size up to 100x200mm or unlimited when using the measuring head without setup (stand alone operation)
adjustment area piezo scanner 100x100x8µm
Min. scanning step 0.01nm; 0.006nm; 0.0015nm
environment measurement in air or liquids possible
Measuring modes contact, non-contact, tapping mode
Special modes Kelvin Probe (KPFM), capacitive or electrostatic (CFM), magnetic WW (MFM), spectroscopy (force-displacement, current-voltage etc.)
Camera optics resolution NA, magnification with CCD, lateral field of view 3µm, 0,1, 47x to 578x, 6,1 (2) to 0,49mm
XY sample positioning 5x5mm
Sample heating 130°C
Temperature stability 0.1°C
Power supply 90-240V, 50-60Hz
Power 60W