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Notes on late arrival or questions about enrollment

The Academic Service Center (ASC) of the TU Ilmenau is responsible for enrollment.

1. If you cannot log in or access our Moodle pages, please check your enrollment status. Only enrolled students with a valid username, password and TU Ilmenau email address can access this area. If you have any questions about the enrollment, please contact the ASC.

2. If you are enrolled, you should be able to access our Moodle pages. If you still cannot access the Moodle pages, it may be due to a short delay after enrollment or a technical problem. In this case, can help you.

3. If you have access to other Moodle pages, you also have access to our pages. There you will find the material provided by the Department of Nanotechnology. Please note that our courses are not meant for online teaching only. We will try to accommodate late arrival, but recommend that you attend lectures in a regular classroom if the pandemic allows for it. If you have questions about the study material provided, contact the appropriate course teacher directly.

In general, an email is better for questions than a message via the Moodle chat room. We cannot answer technical questions about Moodle.