The Power Systems Group at Technische Universität Ilmenau has many years of experience in the operation, design and analysis of electrical power systems. In recent years, the main focus has been on new transmission system technologies such as high voltage direct current transmission and high voltage direct current grids, their design and operation. Another focus is the vertical operation of electrical power systems with particular attention to the operational interface between transmission system operators and distribution system operators in operation and grid planning. The second research area deals with system protection and power quality. The focus here is particularly on the protection of electrical systems and persons as well as the improvement of supply quality in electrical grids.

Design, analysis and operation of electrical energy systems

  • System management

  • Grid operation with renewable energies

  • Demand side management and storage management

  • Controlled charging of electric vehicles

  • High-voltage direct current grids (HVDC grids) / overlay grids

  • Energy management systems in transmission and distribution systems

  • Modern grid and station control technology including wide area monitoring and control

  • Smart grids in transmission and distribution

The subject areas are dealt with by several research groups at the department as part of numerous publicly and privately funded projects. Members of the department have national and international networks and contribute their experience to national and international working groups of CIGRE, IEC, IEEE and VDE. The results of the research work provide the basis for numerous publications by the department.