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Behn, Carsten; Will, Christoph; Steigenberger, Joachim
Unlike behavior of natural frequencies in bending beam vibrations with boundary damping in context of bio-inspired sensors. - In: InfoWare 2014, (2014), S. 75-84

In this paper, we introduce certain models which arise in investigating some vibration problems of bio-inspired, vibrissa-like sensor models. Some approaches to the modeling of the biological paragon vibrissa use rigid body models in which a rod-like vibrissa is supported by a combination of spring and damping elements modeling the viscoelastic properties of the follicle-sinus complex. However, all the rigid body models can only offer limited information about the functionality of the biological sensory system. Therefore, we deal with bending problems of continuous beam systems. We present various beams with different supports (clamped and pivoted with discrete viscoelastic couplings) which are to model the biological tissues. This is new in and different from literature. We focus on investigations of the natural frequency spectra of various systems. The knowledge of dynamical characteristics is important for the design of artificial sensors. A close examination of vibrissa-like beam models with boundary damping exhibits features which are unlike in comparison to classical vibration systems.

Becker, Felix; Börner, Simon; Lysenko, Victor; Zeidis, Igor; Zimmermann, Klaus
On the mechanics of bristle-bots - modeling, simulation and experiments. - In: ISR/Robotik 2014, (2014), insges. 6 S.

Bristle-bots are simple and tiny robots, which use bristles and internal vibration sources to perform locomotion. In this paper, the locomotion behavior of such systems is studied. An analytical model is presented and solved numerically for different configurations and parameters. The goal is to obtain the influence of the system parameters to the locomotion velocity. The numerical results are compared with experimental studies of a prototype. Furthermore the state of the art of mobile robots with bristles is presented.
Zimmermann, Klaus; Zeidis, Igor; Böhm, Valter; Kaufhold, Tobias; Becker, Tatiana; Krautz, Maria; Waske, Anja; Schrödner, Mario; Popp, Jana; Kästner, Markus; Spieler, Christian
Mechanika aktuatorov na osnove magnitnych gibridnych materialov i ich priloženija v robototechnike, mikrofljuidike i sensornoj technologii :
Mechanics of actuators based on magnetic hybrid materials with applications for robotics, fluid control and sensor technology. - In: Problems of mechanics, ISSN 1512-0740, (2014), No. 4(57), Seite 23-41

Becker, Felix; Bondarev, Olga; Zeidis, Igor; Zimmermann, Klaus; Abdelrahman, Mohamed; Adamov, Boris
Issledovanie kinematiki i dinamiki mechaničeskoj sistemy s mekanum-kolesami :
An approach to the kinematics and dynamics of a four-wheel mecanum vehicle. - In: Problems of mechanics, ISSN 1512-0740, (2014), No. 2(55), Seite 27-37

Hügl, Silke; Lexow, G. Jakob; Harbach, Lenka; Eckardt, Franziska; Majdani, Omid; Rau, Thomas S.
Ein Beitrag zur Etablierung navigationsgestützter Insertionsversuche von Cochlea-Implantat-Elektroden mit Kraftmessung. - In: CURAC 2014, ISBN 978-3-00-047154-4, (2014), S. 122-125

Köhring, Sebastian; Lutherdt, Stefan; Michaelis, Anne; Becker, Felix; Brandl, Michael; Faenger, Bernd; Holder, Silvio; Fremerey, Max; Lawin, Meike; Fränzel, Norbert; Weichert, Frank; Witte, Hartmut
Nahfeldmobilität - der Schlüssel zu einem selbstbestimmten Leben im Alter. - In: Mobilogisch!, ISSN 1611-9169, (2014), 4, S. 1-5

Hügl, Silke; Lexow, G. Jakob; Rau, Thomas S.; Lenarz, Thomas; Majdani, Omid
Image fusion of histological images to generate high resolution datasets of the human middle and inner ear structures. - In: Biomedical engineering, ISSN 1862-278X, Bd. 59.2014, Suppl. 1, S. S582-S584

Preoperative planning of a surgical pathway for minimally invasive and computer-assisted cochlear implantation strongly depends on high resolution imaging of bony and soft tissue middle and inner ear structures. Since conventional medical imaging lacks information on delicate soft tissue structures inside the cochlea, sets of histological data were generated using a serial cross section imaging technique in order to prepare the development of a model-based segmentation algorithm. To increase the image resolution and to provide more detailed morphological information a currently developed 3D histology imaging approach was enhanced by a data processing with integrated automatic image fusion. Finally the generated datasets were converted into the DICOM standard. The presented study (n=15) evaluates the results of the image fusion based on the fiducial registration error (FRE).
Hügl, Silke; Rau, Thomas S.; Kluge, Marcel; Kobler, Jan-Philipp; Ortmaier, Tobias; Lenarz, Thomas; Majdani, Omid
Versuchsumgebung für die temperatur-kontrollierte, experimentelle Evaluation von Cochlea-Implantat-Elektroden. - In: Abstractband zur ... Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e.V., Bd. 85 (2014), Meeting Abstract (14hnod103), insges. 1 S.

Bolotnik, Nikolai N.; Pivovarov, Mikhail; Zeidis, Igor; Zimmermann, Klaus
Dynamics and control of a two-module mobile robot on a rough surface. - In: Advances on theory and practice of robots and manipulators, ISBN 978-3-319-07057-5, (2014), S. 141-148

Fiedler, Patrique; Haueisen, Jens; Griebel, Stefan; Fonseca, Carlos; Vaz, Felipe; Zentner, Lena; Zanow, Frank
Rapid, dry multichannel electroencephalography. - In: Scientific & social program, (2014), S. 34-35


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Zimmermann, Klaus;
Wie die Würmer: "beinlose" Bewegung. - In: Forschung, ISSN 1522-2357, Bd. 32 (2007), 2, S. 22-24
Zimmermann, Klaus; Zeidis, Igor; Pivovarov, Michail
Motion of a chain of three mass points on a rough plane under kinematical constraints. - In: 9th Conference on Dynamical Systems - Theory and applications, ISBN 978-83-924382-8-1, (2007), S. 845-852

Behn, Carsten;
Improved gain parameter models for adaptive control of relative degree two systems. - In: 9th Conference on Dynamical Systems - Theory and applications, ISBN 978-83-924382-8-1, (2007), S. 685-692

This paper is another contribution to the adaptive control of quadratic, nonlinearly perturbed multi-input u, multi-output u, minimum phase systems with strict relative degree two. The consideration of uncertain systems leads to the use of adaptive control. The aim is to design universal adaptive controllers, which achieve a pre-specified control objective. Because almost all already existing controllers in the literature offer the same drawback (only monotonically increasing gain parameter) and with respect to limited resources in applications it is necessary to design new adaptation laws. We present simulations of gain parameter models in application to bio-inspired sensors with unknown system parameters to adaptively compensate an unknown ground excitement.

Zimmermann, Klaus;
Worm-like locomotion as a problem of nonlinear dynamics. - In: Journal of theoretical and applied mechanics, ISSN 1429-2955, Bd. 45 (2007), 1, S. 179-187

Zimmermann, Klaus; Jahn, Michael; Weiß, Mathias; Braunschweig, Marion; Rieß, Thorsten
Entwurf einer bahngeführten Positionierung als Basis der Lokomotion omnidirektionaler Roboter. - In: Autonome mobile Systeme 2007, ISBN 978-3-540-74763-5, (2007), S. 64-67

Zeidis, Igor; Zimmermann, Klaus; Zimmermann, Klaus *1956-*; Pivovarov, Michail
Straight chains of interconnected mass points under the action of non-symmetric dry friction. - In: Proceedings in applied mathematics and mechanics, ISSN 1617-7061, Bd. 7 (2007), 1, S. 4010011-4010012
Zimmermann, Klaus; Naletova, Vera A.; Zeidis, Igor; Turkov, Vladimir A.; Böhm, Valter; Kolev, Emil; Popp, Jana
Locomotion based on the control of the shape of magnetic fluid surfaces and of magnetizable media. - In: Proceedings in applied mathematics and mechanics, ISSN 1617-7061, Bd. 7 (2007), 1, S. 4140003-4140004

The realization of locomotion based on the deformation of a free surface of magnetic fluid layer in a traveling magnetic field is studied. A plane flow of an incompressible viscous magnetic fluid layer on a horizontal surface in a nonuniform magnetic field and a plane two-layers flow of incompressible viscous magnetic fluids between two parallel solid planes in a magnetic field is considered. Also the flow of an incompressible viscous magnetic fluid layer on a cylinder in a nonuniform magnetic field is an object of invesitgation. The deformation an the motion of a body made by a magnetizable polymer in an alternating magnetic field are experimentally studied. The cylindrical body (worm) which is located in a cylindrical tube is analyzed. These effects can be used in designing autonomous mobile robots without a hard cover. Such robots can be employed in clinical practice and biological investigations.
Zimmermann, Klaus; Zeidis, Igor; Gerlach, Erik; Tröbs, Anita
Ein Beitrag zur Schwingungsanalyse an Nanopositionier- und Nanomessmaschinen unter Berücksichtigung von nichtlinearen Reibungsmodellen - nichtsymmetrisches Stribeck-Modell. - In: Technische Mechanik, ISSN 0232-3869, Bd. 27 (2007), 2, S. 81-93

Zimmermann, Klaus; Zeidis, Igor; Steigenberger, Joachim; Behn, Carsten; Böhm, Valter; Popp, Jana; Kolev, Emil; Naletova, Vera A.
Worm-like locomotion systems (WLLS) - theory, control and prototypes. - In: Climbing & walking robots, ISBN 978-3-902613-16-5, (2007), S. 429-456

Behn, Carsten; Zimmermann, Klaus
Worm-like locomotion systems at the TU Ilmenau. - In: Twelfth World Congress in Mechanism and Machine Science, (2007), insges. 6 S.

In this paper we introduce the theory in designing of worm-like locomotion systems (WLLS) at the TU Ilmenau. For this, we present a certain type of mathematical models of WLLS and sketch the corresponding theory. Gaits from this theory can be tracked by means of adaptive controllers. Current experiments are aimed at the justification of theoretical results.