Research and Innovation Network CHIM

TU Ilmenau, the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, and TU Chemnitz work together in the CHIM research and innovation network. The competencies of the individual locations complement each other and create synergies, leading to joint projects and research developments. The three universities focus on the topic of human-machine interaction and cognitive systems (TU Chemnitz), intelligent sensor technology and complex systems (TU Ilmenau), as well as artificial intelligence and digital engineering (OVGU Magdeburg).
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Productive Teaming

Cooperations with companies

The department maintains numerous contacts with industry, this includes contract research and the supervision of scientific work. Cooperation partners were and are, among others, Schäfler AG, Brose and Zeiss.

Examples from the range of services:

  • experimental modal analysis

  • vibration and impact tests

  • calculation of mechanical load of components (e.g. by means of FEM)

  • design of gears and mechanisms


Contact for third-party research: Dr.-Ing. Erik Gerlach

Cooperation with research and educational institutions

Partnership relations exist with numerous educational institutions at home and abroad. We regularly welcome visiting scholars and exchange students.


International Cooperations

  • Austria - Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU)

  • Peru - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru, Lima (PUCP)

  • Serbia - University of Nis

  • Hungary - Budapest University of Technology and Economics


National Cooperations

  • Aachen - RWTH Aachen

  • Chemnitz - TU Chemnitz

  • Dresden - TU Dresden

  • Magdeburg - OVGU Magdeburg

  • ... 

TU Ilmenau / MSys

Cooperations within the TU Ilmenau

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The Mechanics of Compliant Systems Group is a member of the "Institute for Life Sciences Technologies".

Cooperations with the Institute for Process Measurement and Sensor Technology