Compliant Systems

The transmission and motion behavior of compliant systems is achieved by the specific elastic deformation of its adhesively joined coupled elements. In addition to a very precise motion a wide range of deformation behavior and the application of intrinsic sensor and actuator technologies are possible with compliant systems.

  • Modeling, simulation and optimizing for specified criteria, like adjusting a certain range of movement or achieving a proper state of stress

  • Synthesis of compliant systems according to given criteria by means of various methods, including AI-based synthesis

  • Purposeful adjustment of special properties (e.g. snap through) obtaining extensive force characteristics and paths of motion

  • Development and analysis of highly elastic structures with intrinsic sensor and actuator functions as well as a special mechanical performance

  • Research of newly-developed principles of transmission of motion and positioning according to biological models as well as their technical implementation

TU Ilmenau / FG MSys

Dynamics of Multi-body Systems

TU Ilmenau / MSys

A wide range of technical issues can be investigated with multi-body dynamics. These include questions from machine dynamics and investigations of the dynamics of mechatronic systems. Our focus is on:

  • Simulation of multibody systems
  • Development and optimisation of mobile systems
  • Vibration reduction in machines

A large number of measuring devices are available in the department to investigate the dynamic behaviour of technical systems.

Rigid Body Mechanisms

Mechanisms are constrained systems of bodies designed to transmit and to convert motions and forces. More complex and small-scale systems as well as more and more challenging tasks lead to increasing demands on the mechanisms. In this case model-based development is essential for which analytical and computer based methods are used.

  • Model-based analysis of motion behaviour and mechanical stress (finite element analysis) for complex mechanisms

  • Synthesis for predetermined motion behaviour and transmission functions

  • Optimization concerning the dynamical behaviour as well as resulting stress of particular linkages

  • Optimization of the vibration characteristics

TU Ilmenau / FG MSys

Smart-material-based systems

TU Ilmenau / MSys

Magnetic elastic materials and fluids can significantly change material properties in a controlled manner under magnetic field stimulation. These smart materials provide solutions for many application systems, including magnetic field-actuated mobile robots and sensors with an adjustable operation range. Realization of our systems is carried out focusing on:

  • Experimental investigation of the material macroscopic response to applied magnetic fields
  • Magnetomechanical modeling and simulation of material behavior
  • Model-based design and control of systems implementing smart magnetic materials