Dr. Tatiana Becker

research assistant

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Visitor address

Max-Planck-Ring 12
WB 2200

Mailing address

Technische UniversitÀt Ilmenau
FakultĂ€t fĂŒr Maschinenbau
Fachgebiet Mechanik Nachgiebiger Systeme
PF 10 05 65
98684 Ilmenau


  • Engineering Mechanics 1
  • Engineering Mechanics 2
  • Engineering Mechanics 3
  • Dynamics of Machinery
  • Dynamics of Multibody Systems and Robotics

Research interests

  • Experimental and model-based investigation of magnetic hybrid materials
  • Development of actuator and sensor systems based on magnetic field-dependent properties of magnetic hybrid materials
  • Modeling of locomotion systems made of magnetoactive elastomers
  • Analytical methods of mechanics

Supervision of bachelor and master theses


Selected publications

  1. T.I. Becker, V.A. Naletova, V.A. Turkov, K. Zimmermann. Surface shape stability analysis of a magnetic fluid in the field of an electromagnet. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 830 (2017) pp. 326-349.
  2. M. Reiche, T.I. Becker, G.V. Stepanov, K. Zimmermann. A multipole magnetoactive elastomer for vibration-driven locomotion. Soft Robotics 10(4) (2023) 770-784.
  3. T.I. Becker, O.V. Stolbov, D.Yu. Borin, K. Zimmermann, Yu.L. Raikher. Basic magnetic properties of magnetoactive elastomers of mixed content. Smart Materials and Structures, 29 (2020) 075034 (15pp).
  4. T.I. Becker, V. Böhm, J. Chavez Vega, S. Odenbach, Yu.L. Raikher, K. Zimmermann. Magnetic-field-controlled mechanical behavior of magneto-sensitive elastomers in applications for actuator and sensor systems. Archive of Applied Mechanics, 89 (2019) pp. 133–152.
  5. T.I. Volkova, V. Böhm, T. Kaufhold, J. Popp, F. Becker, D.Yu. Borin, G.V. Stepanov, K. Zimmermann. Motion behaviour of magneto-sensitive elastomers controlled by an external magnetic field for sensor applications. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 431 (2017) pp. 262-265.