Information about the study

The Plastics Technology Group offers courses for the study programs  Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Materials Science and Mechatronics for both the Bachelor's and the Master's degree.

In addition, the group assigns student theses that serve the further scientific qualification: study, project, diploma, bachelor and master theses - in short SAPADABAMA. In most cases, the topics of these theses are directly integrated into the research projects of the group or can also be carried out in cooperation with industrial companies.

TU Ilmenau
TU Ilmenau

Specialisation in plastics technology

In the degree program Mechanical Engineering, the specialisation Plastics Technology can be selected. A similar specialisation is only offered at a few universities in Germany.

The prerequisite for taking the plastics technology specialisation is admission to the master's program in Mechanical Engineering, which requires a bachelor's degree (see study regulations of the Department of Mechanical Engineering). A technical elective module with various introductory subjects on plastics processing is already offered in the bachelor's program in Mechanical Engineering, which forms the basis for the master's specialisation.

The course is divided into a compulsory part with plastics technology subjects, a compulsory part consisting of methodological basics and an elective catalogue of subjects from which the student must take approximately half of the subjects. The elective catalogue is exclusively oriented towards the competences required for engineers in plastics technology. In addition, a project seminar (teamwork of 2-5 students for the duration of one year) and the master's thesis have to be completed. The standard duration of this Master's program is 3 semesters including the master's thesis.

The catalogue of subjects offered by the Plastics Technology Group is shown in the overview.