The group offers services for companies. These cover material-related, application-oriented, process- or machine-technical issues. Processing methods are primarily extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and the processing of fiber-reinforced plastics.

In addition, consulting services are offered that address technical-scientific and entrepreneurial issues. The competence results from more than 20 years of industrial activity of the former head of the department Prof. Michael Koch in leading positions in the plastics industry. Each service is provided professionally within the framework of a cooperation agreement. The equipment of the department allows the execution of a wide range of tasks and is supplemented continuously, if necessary also specifically.

Further information on possible services and contact persons can be found in our current services brochure.

Contact person for services

TU Ilmenau

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Michel Schlosser

Phone: +49 3677 69-1883

Staudingerbau, Room 1009

Service offerings

Machine and production technology

  • Machine design, selection and simulation
  • Process chain concepts
  • System integration and factory planning
  • Tool development and sampling
  • Energy management in production

Process technology

  • Plastics processing: injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding, fibre-reinforced plastics
  • Process development and simulation
  • Process design and optimization
  • Screw development
  • Technology management

Product development and product launch

  • Concept development, design, dimensioning, specification definition
  • Prototype production, sampling and qualification
  • Development of production concepts
  • Pilot plant design and implementation support

Qualification and testing

  • Material selection, material development and material characterization
  • Determination of technological processing parameters
  • Characterization of material/molded part interaction, composite parameters
  • Application-oriented moulding and functional testing
  • Development of quality assurance concepts